Monday, August 6, 2012

Yearbook camp

The staff poses in their "YERD" spirit shirts at YearbookTech.

Covering a school year is a full-time job for the new 2013 "Reflections" yearbook staff. This summer they attended the YearbookTech design workshop held on the campus of Cathedral Catholic HS in Del Mar. This three-day camp introduces new staff to the tricks of the trade and allows returning students the chance to be leaders and keep up on current design trends. The staff was greeted by former "Reflections" Editor-in-Chief Katie Bellows ('08) who was the senior student leader at the workshop! 

While no formal awards were part of this year's format, the enthusiastic Royals won the Spirit competition by "rapping" their introductions and dressing in (mostly) authentic 70's garb to match the workshop's theme, "My Generation". More important, they worked hard to demonstrate their theme ideas and create templates to guide the process this fall. Congratulations to the whole staff for their dedication!

Staffers rock their Macbooks during an intense work session.
- Submitted by Mr. Dave Lyons, Yearbook Adviser

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