Monday, July 29, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight- Lisa Johnson and Leslie Engelage

You may not have met these two women but you have certainly seen their work on display at athletic events, fundraisers, and merchandise sales. Lisa Johnson (pictured above left) and Leslie Engelage (right) are the volunteers behind the Rosary bling wear that we have all grown to love!

The volunteer experience
Lisa Johnson began volunteering when her daughter Maddy '15, played on the water polo team. "During Maddy’s second year at Rosary, I designed and helped order towels for the water polo team, hosted the first annual pizza party and team sleepover, started organizing team lunches and dinners and created the aquatics bling merchandise fundraiser." These experiences helped Lisa realize the importance of being involved in her daughters' school environment.
Lisa Johnson
Mom of Colleen ’04, Kristen ’08, Madelen ’13 and Meagen ‘15
Lisa's son, who played water polo at Servite High School, had an amazing experience made even better by the gear that unified the look of the team. Lisa started with selling the aquatic’s bling and it quickly evolved into selling all Rosary merchandise with Leslie Engalage.   

"I know so many more administrators, teachers, staff, and students on a personal level now than I did when Colleen ('04) and Kristen ('08) were at Rosary. I now regret not finding more time to spend volunteering on the Rosary campus. However, time is limited for everyone and we all do the best we can given our own circumstances." 

Despite all of her hard work, Mrs. Johnson is quick to reach out and help a fellow student or parent. "While selling Rosary merchandise I love meeting the new freshman and parents and welcoming them to Rosary. Having been around Rosary for so long, I try to answer lots of their questions." 
Leslie Engelage  
Mom of Emma '12 and Erin '15
Leslie Engelage is a dedicated volunteer who has served the Rosary community in many capacities. Along with coordinating the merchandise sales, Leslie was the softball team parent for two years, served on year on the cheer banquet committee, and chaired Red Wine & Gold for two years. 

Leslie began helping through the encouragement of fellow Rosary parents. She states, "I got involved because I was a freshman parent and wanted to meet people - a friend of mine whose daughter was a senior at Rosary was volunteering in merchandise sales and I thought it would be a fun way to get involved."
Mrs. Engelage knows the importance of creating a parent community of your own. "I love meeting parents and answering the questions that they have because we all felt like freshmen when our daughters started high school." 

Volunteer your time!
Lisa and Leslie would love your help with merchandise sales. They sell during lunch on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Extra help will be needed on Business Day, Friday, August 9, and during Freshman WOW, Sunday, August 11.  Just  an hour of volunteer time would help to keep lines shorter with lots of smiling faces!

If a parent wants to get involved with merchandise sales they can call Rosary and speak to Linda Hagar in the main office or e-mail Linda a