Thursday, September 12, 2013

RAMP Students Study at Johns Hopkins

While some students spent their summer at the beach or working a part-time job, a few Rosary students were reading medical case studies, examining cadavers, simulating breakthrough surgeries, and touring award-winning hospital trauma centers.

Students in the Rosary Athletic Medicine Program (RAMP) were chosen to attend the LeadAmerica conference at Johns Hopkins for a six-week residential experience that provided hands-on training at one of the nations top research universities.

Students from around the country were paired in cohorts to simulate group learning and interaction with others interested in the medical field.

 "I'd describe it as an eye opening adventure through leadership and medical knowledge," says Noelle Nisco '15. "If the activities in themselves weren't enough, it was remarkable experiencing everything with hundreds of peers with the same aspirations to someday become a life promoting health care professional as I have also always dreamed to become. "

"LeadAmerica gave me the opportunity to affirm my love for medicine before entering college, and I am now confident in the decisions I plan to make when I exit Rosary," remarks Nisco. 

As a freshman, Trista Ortiz was able to get an early look at day-to-day life on a college campus. "We were fortunate enough to meet and learn from many different speakers and medical professionals. They gave us an insight of what it takes to be in the medical field. Not only did we learn about medicine and health care, but more importantly they made me more aware of what it is going to take to get into the college of my dreams."

"It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I am blessed to have had this unforgettable experience," Ortiz, Class of  2016.
The LeadAmerica program provides leadership opportunities to high school students interested in exploring their future career fields. Career conferences are also offered in Business & Entrepreneurship, Digital Media & Journalism, Engineering & Robotics, Government & Politics, Law & Justice, National Security & Intelligence, and Theatre Arts.

About RAMP
Rosary Athletic Medicine Program student athletic training aides complete a year-long sports medicine course and maintain American Red Cross certification in both First-Aid and C.P.R. Students are then assigned to work with the Rosary teams throughout the year. The RAMP program is a part of the Kinesiology Department at Rosary High School.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Reina Vidaurri

Reina Vidaurri 
Mom of Christina '12 and Ana Maria '15

Reina Vidaurri is a mother of four with a full time job as a social worker.  She has volunteered at Rosary events since her oldest daughter entered Rosary as a freshman.  She says, “I was encouraged to volunteer at Cracked Crab during Freshman WOW. The chairperson was a parent from our parish school, St. Bruno. I signed up that weekend and have been involved with Cracked Crab for four years. My duties have ranged from set-up prior to the event, kitchen preparation-chopping vegetables, serving food, running to Smart-n-Final to purchase food items, and selling drinks and dessert as a fundraiser for our daughter’s lacrosse team. Volunteering at Cracked Crab is fun and it is a great way to meet new people.  I have met some of my daughter’s closest friends by working at the events.  Being involved helps you get to know the staff and parents at the school.”
The annual Cracked Crab dinner will be held on November 2, 2013 and is sure to be a blast! Don't miss out on this all-you-can-eat crab feast! 
Recently Reina has enjoyed helping at the Rosary track meets. “The track meets are held mostly on Thursday afternoons and some Saturdays. My job was to assist with running the scorecards to the recorders. I have met parents from Rosary and Servite.  I volunteered at the finish line cheering my daughter and son and their friends.”
Reina has many reasons for getting involved, “I feel it is important to volunteer and become involved in my children’s school as a way of expressing my appreciation and meeting new people.  It also shows my children the importance of volunteering and shows them that I want to be actively involved in their lives. I work full-time and have four children but I have still managed to contribute.  There are definitely opportunities for those of you who work full-time."
"Every job is important. Everyone has a gift to contribute. Whether you are a chief, creative, good at sales, or a general  worker bee...our contribution is helpful to the success of each event."
Rosary thanks Reina for her support!  If you would like to volunteer your time with the Parent Council, please contact Mike & Maryanne Martinez, volunteer chairs, at