Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Royal Life Savers: a Pro-Life Club

           It all started last October…carpooling home from Rosary High School, two sophomores, Claire Blachowski and Brianna Vasquez, were discussing a variety of school affairs when the topic of Pro-Life was brought up.  They realized that something like this was necessary in order to make an impact on the Rosary community. A pro-life presence and impact was missing from the Rosary atmosphere.
            Brianna remembers her thoughts at the time. “I was sitting in my room thinking about what I want to do with the next two years of my high school experience. Everyone already knew me as the girl who runs and that was great, but I did not just want to be known for my athletic abilities, I wanted to leave a huge impact on the school that would always be remembered. I prayed about it, and hoped that God would show me a sign on what to do. The next day coming home from school, Mrs. Blachowski [Claire’s mom] asked me if I would be interested in helping get a Pro Life club started at Rosary and right then and there I knew that was my sign, that was my calling.”  
            They were required to have a club moderator, and with God working on their side when he guided them to Mr. Brendan Powers, an English teacher at Rosary High School.  As someone who shared the same convictions, he gladly agreed to help lead and mentor the Life Savers club. He has guided and inspired many of their ideas for the club.
            With just weeks before the spring “Club Rush,” Claire and Brianna wrote a constitution, created a poster to present, and then hoped to get a good response from the Rosary community.  Surprisingly, they received an overwhelmingly large number of student and faculty supporters, with an initial sign-up list of over 100 girls.  The enthusiasm of the community demonstrated that the presence of the club was wanted and necessary. Positive feedback was frequent and the girls knew they had done the right thing. 
            Since the founding of the Life Savers club, it has influenced the Rosary community greatly with bake sales, monthly meetings, fundraisers, and the pleasure of having two pro-Life speakers in the past year. Since the clubs beginning many have become familiar with the subject of pro-life and have helped the Life Savers club to grow.  The Life Savers have found pro-life weekly prayers and quotes that are broadcast to the entire student body. In addition, Mr. Powers and some members of the club meet in front of a Mary grotto and say a decade of the rosary each day at lunch, for the unborn babies and pregnant mothers.
            The Life Savers has already done fundraisers including bake sales and baby bottle fundraisers, which have provided the necessary funds required to get the club off the ground and running.  The presidents are working toward partnership with Servite High School’s pro-life club to do big things.  Long-term goals include: bowling nights (Bowling for Babies), diaper drives, sponsoring a baby shower, and the annual March for Life. 
            The Life Savers club mission and purpose is to become an organization that benefits the welfare of unborn babies.  The Life Savers focus on raising awareness for the sanctity of life on the Rosary campus.  With God’s help and the support of advocates, students and benefactors, the Life Savers club will be able to blossom into an astounding Pro-Life witness and hopefully save the lives of innocent babies.
Claire Blachowski and Brianna Vasquez 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The PAL Program- Peer Assistance and Leadership

It is no secret that technology has changed the way we communicate. From sending email to chatting with friends, new technology is created daily that changes our lives. 
As young women, the pressure to fit in is evident and internet gossip has become a norm during the high school years. The Rosary PAL (Peer Assistance and Leadership) program trains students to notice warning signs in fellow students of cyber bullying. 
Websites like ask.fm perpetuate this problem. This site allows the user to ask and answer questions but anonymously. To date, there have been a total of nine teen suicides linked to the use of this site to date. The creators of the site are not taking full blame as they are placing it back on its users, which can include students close to home. 
It may be challenging to monitor all of your daughter's internet and phone activity, but it is important to have a conversation about this with her. 
Below are two articles that talk about this social networking site as well as the issue that it raises. Please take the time to read these articles with your daughter.


If you want to talk to your teenagers about this website or cyber bullying, ask if they’ve seen anything that is troubling to them. Showing them that we know about these types of things are often enough to discourage inappropriate usage. 
If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact me or direct your girls to the anonymous hotline, 714-386-9747, where they can leave a message. You can always reach me by email jlee@rosaryhs.org or by phone 714-879-7350 x110 if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate all that you do to continue supporting them in their journey.

Standing Together,
Mrs. Julie Lee
Personal Counselor