Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Royals head to space

Did you know Rosary is going into outer space? 

...Well, at least our technology is! With the help of Dr. Maffia, eleven Rosary students will be collecting data from ArduSat nanosatellites that are currently in lower Earth's orbit. The class will have access to two weeks worth of data collection in early May. "We are hoping to take a picture of southern California with Rosary at its center. How cool will that be?!," says Dr. Maffia. 
Currently, the students in Dr. Maffia's class are programming Arduino microcontrollers– the same hardware found on the nanosatellites. A range of sensors will be available for programming, including a(n): 
Geiger Counter
Infrared Thermometer
Light Sensor
Sun Sensors (Photodiodes)
Temperature Sensors

Want to this more about this amazing technology coming to Rosary? Watch this quick video for an introduction to the ArduSat technology.    

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