Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Six for six: One senior's college application success

Its baseball season again….and for those of you who keep track of statistics you can probably recite every player who ever went six for six at-bats.   I have no idea who that might be in the baseball world but I can tell you one Rosary student who has gone six for six this year.  Her name is Kelly Loughran and she is six for six in college applications resulting in college acceptances. 
Mrs. Crismon and I are often asked how many colleges a student should apply to during the application process.  Although there is no exact number, we often say six: two you can be sure will say “yes”; two that are likely to say “yes”, but there is a slight chance of “no”; and lastly, two that will probably say “no” but you want to take that risk and apply anyway.  Some people call that three-tiers.  Some call it safe, likely, and reach schools. I call it “no crying in April” because your choices will bring you good news, joy, and relief. 
One of the most important messages we send during the application process is “follow directions” and “listen.”  Kelly did that.  She applied to six universities and was accepted to ALL six.  She applied early action to Boston College, Miami University, and Notre Dame. She also applied to UC Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.  She received six “yes” responses.  Kelly chose carefully, researching the universities that offered what she wanted and decided to forgo the angst associated with having to choose a university from among an unruly number of acceptances.
Kelly has decided to attend the University of Notre Dame and join her sister Kit and brother Ryan for the 2014-15 academic year.  She applied to The College of Arts and Letters planning to study in the Program of Liberal Studies. Congratulations, Kelly, and thanks for listening.

Mrs. Ellen Trojnar '69
Academic Counselor 

Kelly with her teammate Maddie McDonald and Ms. Andrea Barclay at the soccer senior night.

Kelly and her mom, dad, and brother.

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