Monday, May 19, 2014

Thank you Mr. Kato – Rosary's Parent Paparazzi

Many of you have seen the friendly face of Rosary dad Ritchie Kato behind his camera at myriad events over the past four years. He is one of the original members of the "Parent Paparazzi," led by Terry Reinbold. Their volunteer efforts to help capture the special memories of our Royals have been an amazing gift of love.   
What many do not realize is that Ritchie Kato, in addition to being at events like Rosary Day, has made a valiant effort to obtain images of each athletic team over his time here as a Rosary parent. His daughter Leanna did not play on a sports team, and yet Mr. Kato took on the daunting task of insuring that each team had great action shots for the three editions of the media guide, their webpages, and the athletic page slide show.  

The athletic photo album contains numerous albums from the past four years that are available simply because Mr. Kato was willing to go out in the heat, rain, and wind to make sure that the memories of our young women were digitally preserved for them.   
An example of his devotion to these young women was his presence at the North/South All-Star Game, held on a weekend at Concordia University.  He made sure that he was there to get photos of the last high school contest for seniors Rachel Pau’u and Clara Linhoff.  His affection and care for our athletes has been evident in the stunning photos he captures, and the time he has devoted to improving his skills.

We will miss Mr. Kato very much, as he will also graduate from our family along with his daughter this year.

Thank you, Ritchie Kato for your devotion to capturing these memories for our community.

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  1. Richie, you are awesome! Thanks for all of the great pics of our Rosary Royals!!